PreOrders are items that will be stocked within the next 30 day or less. We can not guarantee an actual date of arrival or shipment but we try to come very close.

PreOrders holds your size and color for the expected shipment. If the size or color runs out there is a great chance that you have missed that item.

In the event that the particular style is not available a full refund will be issued.

If you choose to use store credit we will take 15% off your next order.


All my items are (preorder) at times I do have items on hand.....I sell out of items pretty fast!!!!  I only order 3 or 6 of a particular item. Our plus size items GO QUICK!!!!! However, I do sell regular and plus sizes too. So I will explain the process.....I cater to a variety of people worldwide, so its easier and faster for me to post items via Facebook page (type in Shoe Essence Boutique). As I get a lot of request for colors and styles for Parties, Birthday Outfits, Special Events/Engagements, Weddings,  etc. I have a wide range of clientele. So if I post items and your interested in them or maybe your looking for that 'One of a Kind' outfit just send me an email at  Shipping normally takes 3-5 days business days for items in stock. I do carry some items on hand it just depends on your size. I hope this helps. I know it's information overload (but) I would love to be your personal 'Go To Guru' for fashion. Make sure you check back with us. We get new arrivals weekly. Please SHARE our page with friends & family :-)









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